Brice Le Pouder


I’m Brice Le Pouder, senior experience designer crafting
products and services for money.

bids & projects

I've collaborated with diverse clients from various sectors, contributed to an array of projects spanning different disciplines, and was engaged in numerous bids that brought together unique requirements and creative problem-solving.

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I'm Brice Le Pouder, a seasoned product designer with over 11 years of experience in the UX design field and product management. With a strong background in development and understanding of business specificities, I approach digital product creation the pragmatical way.

Throughout my career, I have gained experience in differents roles and companies, both as a freelancer and an employee. Here's a comprehensive overview of my professional journey (totally not made using GPT4):

I started my career as a freelance product designer, providing design services to clients across different industries. In 2012, I also had the opportunity to work at Atsuké, where I began as a Web Design Junior. There, I honed my skills in designing user interfaces and developing functional concepts. Through collaborative projects. Continuing at Atsukè, I progressed to the role of UX Designer. This allowed me to design user journeys, develop functional and graphical interfaces, and contribute to graphical specifications. Throughout this role, I actively integrated evolving project requirements to ensure successful implementation.

Following Atsukè, I joined Adot as a Product Designer. Here, I played a pivotal role in creating and maintaining a Design System that ensured consistency across various internal products. I collaborated closely with developers to promote graphical and functional consistency within feature teams. Additionally, I actively contributed to front-end development and processes, further enhancing my technical understanding of product design.

I joined Comet in 2021, initially as a Product Designer and then taking on roles as a Product Owner and Product Manager. In these positions, I closely collaborated with cross-functional teams and developers to translate complex requirements into intuitive user experiences. Through facilitating design workshops and employing Agile methodologies, I ensured successful project delivery. Throughout my experiences at Comet, I actively collaborated with developers, leveraging my technical background to bridge the gap between design and development.

As my freelance practice continued to thrive, I transitioned to being 100% freelance since 2023, providing product management and ownership guidance, as well as product design services. With a focus on strategic product development, I assist organizations in refining their product visions, conducting market research, and creating actionable roadmaps. My expertise in product design, combined with my technical background, allows me to deliver comprehensive solutions that align business goals with user needs.

Brice Le Pouder

Let's collaborate to drive your product initiatives forward. Whether you require product management, ownership guidance, or consulting expertise, Contact me or book a 30 minutes meeting to discuss your needs.